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Structure of Hair

…and why clear follicles are important for hair growth

Structure of Hair

Hair growth originates from the dermal papilla which is located well below the surface of the scalp. In order to experience excellent hair recovery, one must have the following traits surrounding the dermal papilla.

  • Blood vessels must be functioning properly for the dermal papilla to produce hair. This is one reason why scar tissue cannot grow hair. Scar tissue has no functioning blood vessels. In order to ensure blood vessels are highly functioning, we recommend a nightly topical treatment to increase blood vessel activity via vasodilation which is a scientific mechanism to enhance blood flow to blood vessels.  Thairapy Gold – Maximum Growth Thairapy is a natural vasodilator and is safe to use nightly.
  • Hair follicle openings MUST be clear and open for any hair loss treatments to reach the dermal papilla. We recommend Thairapy Gold – Scalp Prep Thairapy to remove this debris surrounding the hair follicle to ensure all topical treatments can work most efficiently.

After examining 1,000’s of scalps with a 250X magnification scope, we have found a common trait amongst those dealing with hair loss. A staggering 96% of our clients found their hair follicles had become clogged by excess DHT, scalp sebum, and general scalp debris. Once hair is lost in an area, the scalp begins to build up more and more debris in an effort to protect the scalp since hair is no longer present. The longer hair loss occurs within an area, the more debris builds up. Ultimately, and if remained untreated, the severely clogged hair follicles can close completely and hair growth ceases for that particular hair follicle.

Clearing hair follicle openings is a key component to getting lost hair to re-grow. In our experience, the best way to clear these follicle openings is by utilizing Thairapy Gold – Scalp Prep Thairapy prior to shampooing the hair 3 times per week. This regular process of clearing hair follicle openings will keep hair follicles open and clear to ensure the highest permeability and effectiveness of hair loss treatments.

Before Scalp Prep Thairapy

After Scalp Prep Thairapy