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What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser Therapy has been used medically for decades in wound healing and stroke recovery.

FDA cleared Laser Hair Therapy uses medical grade lasers to emit safe low level laser light of a specific wavelength onto the scalp to induce photobiomodulation…a process which increases cellular activity and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.

 It is also recommended by many Hair Transplant physicians for post-op use to improve healing and reduce healing time of transplanted hair grafts.

The most successful hair growth protocols combine the power of FDA – cleared Laser Hair Therapy along with the Thairapy Gold product line to create the perfect scalp environment for hair growth.

How do I use Laser Hair Therapy to get maximum results?

Pros of Laser Hair Therapy:

  • No downtime
  • Typically see visible results within 3-months
  • Easy and painless
  • Inexpensive compared to surgery and cosmetic hair replacement

Cons of Laser Hair Therapy:

  • Consistency and patience is required for visible results
  • Should not be used by those with dysplastic or malignant scalp lesions 

Good Laser Hair Therapy Candidates Have the Following Characteristics:

  • Are in good general health
  • Have live hair follicles in the target area
  • Are willing to wait 3 months for visible results
  • Are willing to commit to utilize the laser device consistently 3 times per week

Multiple studies determine Laser Hair Therapy a safe and effective hair loss treatment:


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When it comes to Laser Hair Therapy goals vs results, it’s similar to having a goal to lose weight: If you only watch your calories…you will lose some weight, but significant progress will be slow. For some, when results are slow, it makes way for people to become discouraged and quit. Weight loss results exponentially improve for those who effectively combat all of their weight gain contributing factors such as calorie intake, properly functioning hormones, and exercise.

The same principle applies to Laser Hair Therapy…if one effectively combats all hair loss contributing factors, keeps hair follicles clear of debris, blocks DHT, protects the androgen receptor hair cells, stimulates blood vessels nightly, AND consistently uses FDA cleared Laser Hair Therapy, their results are much better than those who ONLY utilize Laser Hair Therapy.


The most dramatic hair growth results are achieved by those who follow all

recommendations instead of those who utilize Laser Hair Therapy alone.


Am I a good candidate for Laser Hair Therapy?