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hope for hair loss

with Hair Growth Rehab

Hair Growth Rehab Membership Benefits:

    • Stop excessive hair loss
    • Stimulate hair growth
    • Prevent future hair loss
    • Maintain optimum hair growth FOR LIFE

Reverse hair loss and maintain optimal hair growth FOR LIFE!

for as little as $19.99 per month




Discount applies only to 8oz bottle. You will be emailed a promo code to unlock one free month of Hair Growth Rehab Standard as well as a link to schedule your free consultation after purchase.


Get our DHT Blocking Shampoo for  $25.45 $14.99 (over 40% off) along with a FREE month of HAIR GROWTH REHAB and a FREE 15 minute consultation with a certified trichologist. This is a great level one start to your hair growth journey.

Jeff Before and After
Bridget Before and After

How hair recovery works with Hair Growth Rehab:

Step 1: A tailored Hair Restoration Blueprint is created based on 80 data points

Step 2: Utilize your Blueprint as directed

Step 3: Hair recovery begins and continues with ongoing blueprint use


Early Intervention is the Key to Effectively Combating Hair Loss

The longer hair loss is allowed to progress, the less likely “hair recovery” occurs.

Over time, hair follicles will continue to wither away to the point they may stop producing hairs altogether.

This photo represents “live” normal hairs (green arrows). It also shows smaller, thinner hairs (red arrows) in various stages of atrophy. These atrophied hairs are about to enter dormancy and will die without intervention. These hairs CAN BE rejuvenated with the proper protocol.

Also in this photo, are areas with no visible hairs (purple arrows). What remains visible is the empty opening where those hairs once grew. Those hairs have entered dormancy. Dormant hairs may or may not come back depending on how long they’ve been dormant. Typically, dormant hairs can be brought back to a growing state with prolonged protocol consistency. The longer they’ve been dormant…the less chance of recovery. This is why swift intervention is so important.

Hair Growth Rehab membership will get you on the path to restore lost hair, prevent future hair loss, and maintain optimum hair growth FOR LIFE!