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Achieve maximum hair growth and effectively combat Androgenetic Alopecia

The most effective hair growth protocol is customized for your unique needs. Hair loss has many causes and if you don’t understand what’s causing your hair loss, it is unlikely to stop. There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to hair regrowth!

Our custom hair growth protocols are highly recommended and proven effective for qualified users with Androgenetic Alopecia.

Each protocol is customized and based on your individual needs.


1. Get qualified:

You must be qualified to receive your custom protocol recommendation.

2. Get your custom protocol:

Once qualified, a Certified Trichologist will reach out to get the necessary information to create your custom protocol.

It’s imperative to know what’s contributing to your hair loss for us to create an effective hair growth plan. Your likely hair loss contributors will be revealed using our 5 min – Trichology Assessment. After assessment submission, a comprehensive report will be created and emailed to you. This report will list and explain your likely hair loss contributors and how to effectively combat each of them.

Your guaranteed, custom protocol will also be included in the email.

Be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts list and/or whitelist or safe senders list to ensure you never miss an email from us.

3. Utilize your custom protocol for maximum hair growth:

Utilize your custom protocol for the required amount of time.  Remember, there is no cure for hair loss yet! There is no magic shampoo that will regrow your hair. True hair recovery takes time and consistent use of each protocol component.

Our protocols are simple to use and take just minutes per day.

4. Meet with your trichologist every 12 weeks:

Each custom protocol includes recurring check-ups with your trichologist to ensure you are progressing as expected. If not, your protocol will be adjusted. Our goal is to help you achieve your hair growth goals!

5. Finish your protocol to meet your hair growth goals:

We guarantee your desired results will be achieved. See our Results Guarantee


Goals vs Results…

Achieving hair growth goals is like achieving weight loss goals: If one only counts calories, they will lose weight, but progress will be slow. Weight loss results dramatically improve for those who effectively combat all their contributing obesity factors such as calorie intake, properly functioning hormones, drinking enough water, and getting adequate exercise!

The same applies to hair growth goals: if one effectively combats all hair loss contributors, creates the perfect scalp environment for hair growth, protects the androgen receptor hair cells, and stimulates hair follicles consistently, their results will dramatically improve over those who utilize Laser Hair Therapy alone.

Results are directly tied to compliance with the protocol.

Simply put: If you don’t work the program, the program won’t work!



Those with thinning hair experiencing genetic hair loss for 2 or more years are ideal candidates for professionally managed laser hair therapy protocols.