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How To Get Maximum Benefit from Laser Hair Therapy and Effectively Combat Androgenetic Alopecia

  • Get adequate exercise and eat a healthy diet

  • Identify and effectively combat your hair loss contributors

  • Create the optimal scalp environment for hair growth (steps 1-4 below)

  • Stimulate hair follicles to grow (steps 5-6 below)

1. Get adequate exercise and eat a healthy diet:

It’s common for those with a weakened immune system to be especially vulnerable to the effects of DHT. Its important to ensure you are getting adequate exercise to keep blood vessels pumping and functioning well. Blood vessels surround hair follicles, and if blood isn’t flowing around hair follicles, they will not function at the level needed for optimal hair growth.

Getting good basic nutrition is very important if your goal is to grow strong, healthy hair. A poor diet will slow your progress as the body will use its resources to sustain life before all else.

Visit the CDC website for more information on healthy eating habits:


2. Identify and effectively combat all contributing hair loss factors:

If your goal is to improve hair density, it’s imperative you know what’s contributing to your hair loss and create a plan to combat each contributing factor. We always recommend a visit to your doctor to determine if certain biological conditions are functioning normally.

For instance: Are you low on vitamin D? Are your iron levels normal? Is your thyroid functioning properly? Are your hormones within a normal range?

We recommend you start below with the simple and free hair loss factor identifier then schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss each contributor.

3. Create the perfect scalp environment for hair growth:

Before – clogged follicles

Step 1 – Clear hair follicles prior to shampooing your hair: 

Utilize Thairapy Gold – Scalp Prep Thairapy  on the scalp in the target area prior to shampooing on the days you will be doing a laser treatment. Debris accumulates each day around hair follicles and this debris can block therapies from reaching the dermal papilla, which is where cellular activity begins. Scalp Prep Thairapy lifts this debris from clogged hair follicle openings which can then be shampooed away. 

Allow Scalp Prep Thairapy to sit on the scalp for 5 minutes (10 min max), then ALWAYS shampoo your hair after using Scalp Prep Thairapy!

Clogged follicle openings:

  • Are common with those experiencing hair loss
  • Will prevent therapies from reaching the dermal papilla
  • Are easy to clear by using Scalp Prep Thairapy each time you shampoo



After – Clear follicles

Step 2 – Shampoo your hair on laser treatment days:

You may shampoo your hair anytime you like, but it’s imperative on laser treatment days to shampoo your hair using Thairapy Gold – DHT Blocking Shampoo following Scalp Prep Thairapy in order to cleanse the hair with DHT blocking properties and remove the lifted residue from the scalp.

Hair growth therapies can reach the dermal papilla best if hair follicle openings are open and clear.

Clear follicles ensure all hair growth therapies reach the dermal papilla.

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend Thairapy Gold – Bio-Thairapy Gentle Shampoo. This is the same formula as our DHT blocking shampoo with NO DHT Blocking properties.

Step 3 – Condition hair after shampooing

Utilize Thairapy Gold – Bio Thairapy Condition to provide vitamins directly to the hair strands without contributing to clogged hair follicles. It’s important to condition the hair after each shampooing when attempting to grow healthy hair. Hair  strands which are not treated with conditioning agents are more susceptible to dryness which leads to breakage.

It does this by sealing the outer hair strand layer called the hair cuticle. Hair strands with a sealed hair cuticle are better protected from dryness, heat damage, environmental damage, breakage, and have enhanced shine and manageability. 

Allow Bio Thairapy Condition to sit on the hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse with tepid to cool water. Cooler water is BEST! One of the best and FREE ways of protecting your hair is to rinse your hair with as cool of water as you can stand! We know this sounds crazy, but it works. Simply turn down the temp of your water just before placing your hair beneath the water stream. Using cool water is amazing for your skin as well. Hot water is not good for your hair or your skin.


Step 4 – Take your DHT Inhibiting Thairapy supplement 2 x per day (morning & evening)

EVERY DAY, utilize Thairapy Gold DHT Inhibiting Thairapy or Thairapy Gold DHT Inhibitor AV to prohibit DHT from binding onto androgen receptor hair cells. Protecting the hair cells will combat the devastating effects of DHT.

 This supplement is most effective when taken 2 times per day, every 12 hours. Set it by your bed and take it before going to bed and after breakfast. For those with a sensitive stomach, always take the supplement with food.

Those sensitive to zinc or with shellfish allergies should use the AV version

Thairapy Gold DHT Inhibiting Thairapy harmlessly binds onto androgen receptor hair cells thereby blocking DHT.

With less DHT binding onto the hair cells, hairs can resume a normal growth cycle.

Over time, as less and less DHT binds onto androgen receptor hair cells, individual hairs grow stronger and stronger.


Step 5: Use a nightly treatment EVERY NIGHT!

Utilize ONE treatment each night such as Thairapy Gold – Maximum Growth Thairapy or Thairapy Gold – Growth Activation to encourage hair follicle cellular activity while sleeping. It is recommended to use ONLY ONE night treatment. 

Maximum Growth Thairapy (MGT) is recommended for those NOT currently using Minoxidil.

Growth Thairapy Activation is recommended as a substitute for those currently using any form of Minoxidil or Rogaine and/or for those with the following hair loss stages:

  • Females – with hair loss classification of 5, 6, 7 or 8 or Frontal
  • Males – with hair loss classification IV, IV-A, V, V-A, VI and VII

Step 6: Utilize FDA cleared Laser Hair Therapy 3 x per week

Use FDA cleared Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) 3 times per week to stimulate hair follicles to grow. Laser Hair Therapy uses laser light at a certain wavelength to create photobiomodulation upon the scalp which has been proven to increase cellular activity. We recommend utilizing Laser Hair Therapy no more than 3 times per week on alternative days. To ensure success, set a schedule to use regularly such as Mon, Wed, Fri or Tues, Thurs, Sat. Setting a schedule ensures the best chance of success.

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Goals vs Results…

Achieving hair growth goals is similar to achieving weight loss goals: If one only counts calories, they will lose weight, but progress will be slow. Weight loss results dramatically improve for those who effectively combat all of their contributing obesity factors such as calorie intake, properly functioning hormones, drinking enough water, and getting adequate exercise!

The same applies to hair growth goals: if one effectively combats all hair loss contributing factors, by creating the perfect scalp environment for hair growth, by protecting the androgen receptor hair cells, and by stimulating hair follicles consistently, their results will dramatically improve over those who utilize Laser Hair Therapy alone.

Results are directly tied to compliance with the protocol.

Simply put: If you don’t work the program, the program won’t work!