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Thairapy Gold – Scalp Prep Thairapy

Thairapy Gold – Scalp Prep Thairapy


Thairapy Gold Scalp Prep Thairapy (SPT) helps create the perfect scalp environment for hair growth by thoroughly cleansing the hair follicle root of debris and buildup thus removing any blockage of the hair follicle.

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Hair loss sufferers have a common trait of blocked & clogged hair follicle openings which shampoo alone cannot remove. Scalp Prep Thairapy aides in the removal of hair follicle debris build-up.

Hair therapies work best when they can reach all the way down into the Dermal Papilla (hair root) where hair growth begins. By clearing the follicle opening, it makes way for all hair therapies to work best.

  • Dissolves sebum (which clogs hair follicles) and promotes excellent scalp hygiene
  • Aids in the penetration of hair growth thairapies by allowing them to reach the dermal papilla where they can work most effectively
  • Contains a strong concentration of B vitamins, particularly B5 which is essential for healthy hair

Click here to read the Thairapy Gold Retrospective Study with citations.

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