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NOTE: We do not offer this service at HLTCOA. We provide information about this option for educational purposes only for those guests who cannot regrow their own hair.

What Is Professional Cosmetic Hair Replacement?

Professional cosmetic hair replacement is the process of creating and adhering a customized system of hair that matches your existing bio hair to meet your hair goals. It typically takes weeks to receive a custom system of hair. Once received, this custom system of hair is adhered to your scalp using medical grade adhesive by a professional hair replacement specialist/stylist. It remains in place until your new hair and your biological hair need to be maintained.

On average, this time frame is once every 4 weeks. However, some clients can go longer between appointments and conversely, some can only go 1-2 weeks. The time frame between services is determined by how fast your biological hair grows and the amount and type of scalp secretions your body creates. This time frame cannot be determined with 100% accuracy until the system of hair is applied and worn for a trial period. Once this time frame is determined, it will help determine overall annual costs.

Professional Cosmetic Hair Replacement is best for those who don’t want to wait for natural hair growth results or for those who may never be able to regrow their own natural-growing biological hair.

It may also be referred to as “Non-Surgical Hair Replacement”, “Hair Replacement”, “Dermal Lens”, a “custom hairpiece”.


Professional cosmetic hair replacement is offered for both men and women:


  • Immediate results – Enter the salon with thin hair and walk out with your ideal hair
  • Stays in place – You sleep in it, you shower in it, it stays in place 24/7


  • Non-refundable – This service is very costly to provide and is typically non-refundable because hair is ordered specifically for you
  • General rule: The more natural it looks, the higher the cost
  • Monthly maintenance is required – Professional Cosmetic Hair Replacement average cost is $250 – $850 per month
  • Each system of hair will need to be replaced regularly
  • Must be performed by a hair Replacement specialist – Your regular hair stylist won’t be able to do this as it requires very specialized training.
  • Speeds up hair loss – Hair follicles are covered 24/7 and cannot receive nutrients. Therefore, hair loss will increase. Once hair follicles completely die, they cannot be revived. Therefore, once PCHR is worn for more than 12 months, natural hair revitalization is unlikely for all dead hair cells.
  • Time consuming – Monthly appointments are necessary to keep your hair maintained. Consider the drive time to/from and the time required to perform the service. Plan on at least 4 hours per month.


When it comes to cosmetic hair replacement always remember it’s similar to wearing a beautiful silk blouse:

If you wear a beautiful silk blouse (or system of hair) 24-hours a day for 30 days and during this time you sleep in it, shower in it, and shampoo & blow-dry it regularly, imagine what it would look like after 30 days! Not only would it need to be maintained, but it would wear out fast and need to be replaced often, especially if your goal is for it to always look nice.


Possible complications:

  • A possible reaction to the medical grade adhesive
  • It may not stay adhered well depending on your body chemistry
  • You may not like it
  • Fear of judgement by friends and family

Questions to ask the hair replacement specialist:

  • Are you licensed in your state to perform this procedure?
  • How many clients do you see weekly for cosmetic hair replacement?
  • Do you have before and after photos of your own work?
  • What if I don’t like it?
  • What is the refund policy? 

Cosmetic hair replacement is a wonderful option for those who can afford it and who cannot regrow their own natural hair. Keep in mind that anyone with a cosmetology license can legally perform this procedure, even if they have never been shown how to do it! Be very cautious when searching for a specialist. At HLTCOA, we highly recommend ONLY licensed cosmetologists with a visible, framed hair replacement certification for this delicate procedure. We also recommend you interview at least 3 specialists prior to your final decision.

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