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Hair Growth Rehab

A podcast, blog, and youtube series in one!

In this series we teach you tons of free tips to get your hair growing back. In this episode we start off with the number on misconception about hair loss and a few tips you can take to keep and regrow hair! Shelly Beatty is a certified trichologist from The Hair Loss Treatment Center of America with decades of experience recovering clients suffering from hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia and other causes. Her mission is to get people’s hair and confidence back.

Check out our youtube channel, look up “Hair Loss Rehab” on your favortie podcast app, or just read the blogs below. The audio podcasts come out first!

The Number One Cause of Hair Loss

Do you know the number one cause of hair loss, which causes the majority of the population's hair loss in males and females? It's called androgenetic alopecia. And all that term really means is genetic hair loss. It's more commonly known as male pattern baldness or...