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Results Guarantee

To qualify for our results guarantee, customers must first become a qualified Premium or Elite Hair Growth Rehab Member.

Qualified members must purchase their recommended custom hair restoration blueprint protocol and utilize it for the required use time. Each protocol is based on users’ stated expectations and Trichology Assessment findings.

Qualified members are eligible for a full refund of their bottled Thairapy Gold products if their expectations are not met after utilizing their recommended protocol for the required use time.

Throughout this time, customers must do the following:

  1. Submit updated photos of their hair recovery to their progress photos every 12 weeks.
  2. Use their recommended products as directed by their certified trichologist.
  3. Replenish their blueprint components every 12 weeks.
  4. Must maintain their membership throughout the process.
  5. Must complete their Package Trichology Review with their trichologist every 12 weeks.

Results guarantee is in effect when all above conditions are met.

If a qualified user’s initial expectations are not met at the end of their required protocol use time, they can submit a return request . Once HLTCOA staff has received and confirmed the return, a refund of the bottled products used within their custom protocol will be issued (minus shipping costs) to the payment method used for the original purchase of their Thairapy Gold products.