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Hair Loss Treatment Center of America (HLTCOA) was created after 30 years of working face to face with our clients in Fort Worth, Texas. Within our 6,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, we offered hair transplants, cosmetic hair replacement and Laser Hair Therapy treatments which all provide excellent hair growth results for the right respective candidate. 

We found the absolute best way to combat hair loss is to respond to it before significant loss occurs by utilizing FDA cleared Laser Hair Therapy and effectively combating each of your hair loss contributors. By utilizing an effective protocol for the required amount of time, desired results can be achieved. 

Our Lead Trichologist Shelly Beatty, has over 20,000 hours of hair loss & hair growth clinical study and experience. She holds a State of Texas Cosmetology License and Trichology Certification from The Hair Restoration Institute. Her expertise has been featured on The Doctors and Good Morning Texas. She has been featured in publications such as American Salon, The Link (a leading hair restoration industry magazine),, Fort Worth Business Press, and countless others.

We have expanded our reach and have decided to focus entirely on our online presence so we can help qualified users achieve their hair goals. It is our mission to help you determine and understand what can be done to help you reach your hair goals. 

We are certified trichologists and are available via 30-minute appointments  to guide your successful hair growth journey. We will assess your needs and give you unbiased guidance on how best to reach your hair goals. A completed trichology form is required to book this appointment..

Our History

In 1991, Shelly Beatty opened a specialty hair salon named Stylemakers. Shelly started this salon after a decade of experience and set out to create a different kind of full-service hair salon that focused on high-quality corrective hair design, ongoing stylist training, and friendly, personalized service. Stylemakers didn’t just do hair; they transformed it by utilizing hair additions which at the time, no other salon in Fort Worth, TX offered. With that focus, Stylemakers grew to become one of the top specialty salons in Tarrant County and was featured in local and national media for their expertise working with hair loss sufferers.

As Stylemakers began seeing more and more clients facing medical problems that affected their hair, the salon began expanding to provide high quality solutions to those facing cancer, thyroid disease, genetic hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania, and other conditions that cause thinning or balding hair. As trained, experienced hair professionals – and through Shelly Beatty’s personal encounter with significant hair thinning as a result of a thyroid problem – her staff understood the intense relationship between a person’s hair and their self-image. Shelly began testing Laser Hair Therapy on herself and a few clients to verify it’s efficacy. One client in particular was so ecstatic about her hair recovery, that she notified the news media! Once the news ran the story about the successfulness of the treatment protocol, hundreds of clients began requesting acceptance into the protocol. Shelly and her clients were so successful with hair recovery via their specialized protocol! The protocol was tweaked and perfected via 100’s of clients who were monitored every 12 weeks for 10 years.

Soon, Stylemakers opened their own medical hair restoration center to offer more hope to those facing hair loss. A board-certified surgeon was added along with an entire medical team. The entire staff was trained intensely on hair loss causes and treatments. It grew rapidly and soon the medical hair restoration center expanded to occupy the entire building. Thereafter, the company focused entirely on medical hair restoration and those suffering with hair loss.

2007 CBS News Report – Hair Growth Protocol first developed at Stylemakers

Please note that some clients may never be able to grow their own hair back. It’s a sad truth for many people…but this is the truth. Many of these clients can benefit from a surgical hair transplant, while others may only get a full head of hair back with cosmetic hair replacement.

There is no one-size-fits-all because hair loss has many causes. Let us give you honest and professional input so you can decide what’s best for you.