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Help qualified users stop the progression of hair loss and recover lost hair. 


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The #1 Cause of Hair Loss is Androgenetic Alopecia

How To Effectively Combat Androgenetic Alopecia

Jeff Before and After
Bridget Before and After

With our tested and proven protocol live hair follicles will always improve.

How do you know if your hair follicles are alive?

It’s really simple: Your visible hairs represent live hair follicles

How legitimate hair recovery works:

Step 1: Identify your Hair Loss Contributors

Step 2: Utilize an ongoing effective plan to combat your contributors

Step 3: Hair recovery continues while contributors are effectively combatted


Early Action is the Key to Effectively Combatting Hair Loss

The longer hair loss progresses, the less likely “hair recovery” occurs.

Over time, hair follicles will continue to wither away to the point they may stop producing hairs altogether.

This photo represents “live” normal hairs. It also shows smaller, thinner hairs in various stages of atrophy. The hairs which are small and atrophied are about die. Even these hairs CAN BE rejuvenated via laser hair therapy.

Also in this photo, there are areas with no visible hairs. What can be seen is the empty opening where those hairs once grew. Those hairs have gone dormant. Dormant hairs may or may not come back depending on how long they’ve been dormant. Typically, dormant hairs can be brought back to a growing state with long-term protocol consistency. The longer they’ve been dormant, the less chance of recovery. This is why starting NOW is so important.