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Thairapy Gold – Bio Thairapy Condition

Thairapy Gold – Bio Thairapy Condition


Bio Thairapy Condition provides increased performance, when coupled with our complete line of hair care products because it will not contribute to clog hair follicles nor weight down the hair.

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Step 3: Condition hair after shampooing

Utilize Thairapy Gold – Bio Thairapy Condition to provide vitamins directly to the hair strands without contributing to clogged hair follicles. It’s important to condition the hair after each shampooing when attempting to grow healthy hair. Hair strands with no conditioning agents are more susceptible to dryness which leads to breakage.

It does this by helping seal the outer hair strand layer called the hair cuticle. Sealed hair cuticles are better protected from dryness, heat damage, environmental damage, breakage, and have enhanced shine and manageability.

Allow Bio Thairapy Condition to sit on the hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse with tepid to cool water. Cooler water is BEST! One of the best and FREE ways of protecting your hair is to rinse your hair with as cool of water as you can stand! Simply turn down the temp of your water just before placing your hair beneath the water stream. Using cool water is amazing for your skin as well. Hot water is not good for the overall health of your hair or your skin.

  • Will not clog the hair follicle openings
  • Aides in protection from environmental damage and heat styling damage
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for stronger, healthier, and shiny looking hair.
  • Restores moisture and shine to the hair and scalp and provides 25 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the hair shaft
  • Adds fullness and shine and helps hair develop a thicker and fuller appearance from the hair follicle
  • Often used as a Conditioning Mask: Apply and let sit for up to 10-30 minutes; the longer time it’s left on the hair, the more nourishment your hair will get.

Click here to read the Thairapy Gold Retrospective Study with citations.

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