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We need more info before your qualification can be determined. We recommend one month of our STANDARD membership plan to see if you qualify. If you do not qualify, your membership plan fee will be refunded.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my membership become active?

  As soon as your membership purchase is complete, you will have access to all the benefits.

Do you offer refunds for membership fees?

  There are no refunds of membership fees.

Will I have my own dedicated trichologist?

  Premium and Elite memberships include a dedicated trichologist.

What do you mean "Results Guaranteed"?

Our decades of experience guiding qualified members with the correct treatment plan, lends us the ability to guarantee results for our Premium and Elite members (who purchase and follow their Hair Restoration Blueprint) since the memberships provide a more hands-on approach. Similar to how physique progress would be elevated for those with a gym membership along with a personal trainer vs. those with a gym membership alone.

Do all memberships allow access to online certified trichologist sessions?

   All memberships allow access to live online certified trichologist sessions. Premium Members get 25% off session cost and Elite Members get 50% off session cost.