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Ultimate HLTC 272 Laser Cap – FDA Cleared

Ultimate HLTC 272 Laser Cap – FDA Cleared


Our own quality version of a 272 Laser diode cap at far less cost than the name brands. It comes with a one-year warranty and the hands-free operation allows the user to carry out other tasks during their laser hair therapy treatment.

Step 6: Utilize your laser device according to your custom recommendation.

The Thairapy Gold - Ultimate 272 is a non-invasive, low level light therapy (LLLT) device containing 272 red, visible light diodes each with a wavelength of 650 nm. The device is designed to promote hair rejuvenation by delivering non-thermal energy to the hair follicles. The Ultimate 272 is a hat that covers the scalp which contains the diodes. This cap features pulsating (flashing light) diode technology to increase heat dissipation. It is a hands-free device that is powered through a cable and designed for home use. It is controlled by an on/off switch located on the power cord. If you are compliant with your protocol, typically you may have noticeable results in 4-6 months.

Use 30 minutes per treatment and use it no more than 3 times per week, skipping one day in between treatments for optimal results. It’s 272 lasers give you optimal power and ease of use thus creating the best possible hair growth results.

  • Made in America
  • FDA cleared
  • Contains 272 medical lasers
  • Easy to use
  • Visible results in less time

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Weight 3.25 lbs


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