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Thairapy Gold – DHT Inhibiting Thairapy (Allergy Version)

Thairapy Gold – DHT Inhibiting Thairapy (Allergy Version)


Thairapy Gold – DHT Inhibiting Thairapy AV (DHTIT-AV) was clinically developed to help grow your hair stronger, fuller, faster and to arrest pattern hair loss in both men and women of all ethnicities by protecting the Androgen Receptor within the hair follicle for those who have a shellfish allergy or are Zinc intolerant. ONLY AVAILABLE in a 30-day supply.


Step 5: Take your DHT Inhibiting Thairapy supplement 2 x per day – Morning & Evening (12 hours apart)

Clinically and Laboratory Proven, Physician Recommended DHTIT fights DHT (which attacks your hair and causes most hair loss in men and women) with an unsurpassed formulation of anti-androgenetic (DHT blocking) agents. DHTIT provides clinically proven hair growth vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals and has no known side effects. This advanced herbal alternative to Propecia blocks significantly more DHT than other products and is so unique that it is patented.

Watch the video below to learn how DHT Inhibiting Thairapy works

This formula is recommended for those with shellfish allergies and/or those who are zinc intolerant. This formula does not contain Marine Growth Complex (MGC ™)

30 day – 60 count

Click here to read the Thairapy Gold Retrospective Study with citations.

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30 day – 60 count


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